When I was 11 years old I started seeing Dr. Pakhi and immediately felt comfortable. As a teen it was so nice to be able to talk and ask questions without feeling awkward. I had twins a couple of years ago and immediately knew that Dr. Pakhi would be my choice for their doctor. As a mother I again feel comfortable knowing that their doctor truly knows them and cares about them. She always answers any questions that I have and even gives me information about my children that I never would have thought to ask. Instead of just offering a quick fix to a medical issue she gets to the root of the issue to promote overall health.Tiffany Bewley

The staff at Pediatric Associates is professionally caring. Everyone takes a genuine interest in the well being of your family.Jen Dayer

When I think of Dr. Pakhi and her staff the word trust comes to mind. She and her staff have always gone above and beyond for my family. Whether it was something serious or answering a question by phone they have always been there for us. They have provided us with the utmost care and kindness. I feel so grateful to have found them to help me take good care of my 3 year old daughter and 5 year old son. Dr. Pakhi and her staff are knowledgeable and offer accurate and expert care! I trust them with my kids and know that no matter what comes up that I am in the best hands possible. There is nothing more reassuring to a mom!Kathryn Catsman

I am a 38 plus year resident of La Plata County mother of 5 and Grandmother of 4. Before coming to Pediatric Associates we thought all health care was the same. We quickly learned that is not the case at all!
In 2014 my son was in a very serious car accident and his condition kept deteriorating we were told this is just the way it is. Not wanting to accept that we found Dr. Pakhi and within 6 months she helped my son become better than before the accident! When every other doctor said we can’t she said I can and she did! Thanks to her I have my son back!
We also had similar experiences with some of my Grandchildren and again when others said there is no hope Dr. Pakhi said let’s try! Not only did she try she got results! She is truly a Godsend!
Personally she is very professional, smart, willing to think outside the box and she gets results! Dr. Pakhi treats the whole body not just the symptoms. It is very comforting to know that she is our doctor, we are not lost in the numbers and just another patient. She treats everyone with the utmost respect and courtesy. Not only is Dr. Pakhi always smiling and extremely pleasant each one of the staff at Pediatric Associates is also friendly and welcoming. The entire staff is professional, courteous and helpful every time you go into the office or call on the phone.
Coming to Pediatric Associates was the BEST decision we every made! We can never thank them all enough for what they have done for our family!
M. Yates

Our Children have been patients of Dr. Pakhi since she first moved to Durango in 2005. We absolutely love the care she gives to our 3 kids. Dr. Pakhi is always available when we have questions or need appointments. She is open to alternatives such as acupuncture and herbal remedies. She respects our point of view as parents and the health care choices we make for our children. We never have a long wait when we come for an office visit. Her staff is friendly and professional and her office is neat and clean. We highly recommend Dr. Pakhi to anyone who is looking for a first rate pediatrician.

 Christin Hawbaker